Oracle Cards

Elisabeth Trostli's TOPSY/TURVY ORACLE CARDS are useful for anyone looking for answers and meaning. Consisting of 44 gorgeously illustrated symmetrical dual-images, each card contains a meaningful messages for the player or reader.

Each Oracle Card in this deck has been digitally illustrated by Elisabeth Trostli. Perhaps you want to pull a quick card for support and confidence. Or maybe you are trying to choose between multiple options, and you need a crystal clear sign pointing out which choice to make. Whether your concern is about romance, career, health, or even just day-to-day decision making, these cards make getting answers extremely easy. Directions for use are included with  your purchase. 

They differ from tarot cards in that they do not necessarily follow the traditional suits of tarot cards. Elisabeth Trostli's  ORACLE CARDS cards provide powerful messages to encourage positive thinking.

Cards are available individually, or as an entire deck. 


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