March 31 – April 26, 2018
Today, women have emerged as a most powerful force in our culture. This exhibition portrays Trostli’s own fascination and artistic response to the beauty, diversity, gender roles, spirituality and sheer visual richness of “Woman.”

“Femmes Fatales” features a series life-size digital “portraits” by Sarasota artist Elisabeth Trostli. Powerful women warriors, princesses, tattooed geishas, exotic dancers, pin-up sirens and tribal shamans emerge and blend with intricate backgrounds.

Each painting in the “Femme Fatales” exhibition can be described as a photographic collage, amazing in its detail.

In her proprietary process, playfully described as “digital magic”, Trostli uses state-of-the art computer software to compose, enhance and manipulate original elements to achieve her vision. Images are then uploaded to professional printer, printed using archival inks and mounted on canvas.

Invitation to FEMMES FATALES

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All images are ©E.TROSTLI and are strictly protected under US Copyright Law